An experimental rock trio from Raleigh, North Carolina offers up musical soundscapes reminiscent of film noir soundtracks. 

Musically swinging through a variety of moods and textures, the band captures their stream-of-consciousness approach in structured compositions that are not overly complex or too improvisational.

INSTRUMENTATION: Drums, guitars, bass, synthesizers, micro moog, Prophet 600, loop station, turntables, tape loops & drum machines.

Shadow of a Great Name recorded and produced all releases from their  own studio using 4-track reel-to-reel and 8-track ADAT.

Shadow of a Great Name

Formed in March 2001, the band went straight to work on a debut recording. The resulting self-titled CD was composed with the length and limitations of the band's reel-to-reel four track machine in mind. "Shadow Of A Great Name" clocks in at around 33 minutes (roughly the running time of one reel of tape).

It is comprised of six original tunes-- all recorded live in one seamless session, with no edits and no overdubs. Slipping between off-kilter, energetic riffs and groovy film-noir passages, the group's first disc documents their live, "low-fi orchestra" approach.

Majestic, mystical effect sounds that are suggestive of outer space

Shadow Of A Great Name's follow-up CD, "Majestic, mystical effect sounds that are suggestive of outer space," was recorded under similar conditions in summer, 2002.

Like their debut album, "Majestic..." is a self-produced independent release, but it offers further refinement of SGN's soundtrack stylings. Their sophomore effort shows a darker, more electronic side of the band, including a unique cover version of DJ Food's "Wallop."

Invisible side of a situaiton

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